COVID-19 Check In.

Whats up fam! I hope everyone is doing well in these uncertain times. With every city and state having different regulations I wanted to make sure everyone had some kind of exercise to complete if they are still stuck at home with no gym!! Here are 3 awesome and quick bodyweight workouts i put together during quarantine that helped keep me moving!! Grab your roommate, family members, or friends and get moving together!

20 Minute AMRAP

10 reps Air Squat + High Knee (5 reps high knee/side)

10 reps Incline Push Up

10 reps "Box" Step up/Step Down per side (use anything knee height to step up on)

100m Walk/Jog/ Run (pick which ever is in your skill level)

5 rounds: For Time

Run/Jog/Walk 200m

8 reps Inchworm Push Up -or- Inchworm Walkout

10 reps/side Mountain Climbers

10 reps/side Walking Lunge

Run 200m

10-1! (10,9,8,7,6,5,4,,3,2,1 reps)


Side Plank Hip Kiss/side

Alternating V Up/side

  • You will complete 10 reps of each movement, then 9 and so on until you complete 1 rep of each.

I hope these help get you the jump start you need if your still stuck with no gym or if you just need a couple little workouts to do throughout the week! If you have any questions about the programs I have available please reach out through my submission form on my website, or through my social media accounts!

IG: FB: Champion Living and Fitness


Doug Champion

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